We do everything in Virtual- and Augmented Reality

360° Video

Having years of experience in the area and the best equipment on the market, we are capable of producing 360°/VR experiences of the highest quality.

We have created more than 250 VR experiences: From Times Square in New York City, to the white sandy beaches of Thailand, the snowy French Alps and all the way back to a local fisherman’s auction in Denmark. We produce content from all over the world – and it is being used in municipalities, regionally and commercially all across the county.

Talks og Workshops

We convey and inspire people about the newest technology. Always in an easy to understand and alive fashion. The technologies we work with, only makes sense when all types of people are able to use them. We know how to teach all people about the many possibilities of technology.

We host more than 50 talks and workshops each year.

3D and Animation

We started building 3D content for the entrepreneur business – and then moved on to doing 3D visualizations for the largest hotel chains in Denmark. The paced picked up from there, and we are now producing apps, animation and AR 3D content for the Danish publish schools, various content for theaters around the country, and many others. We also make 3D virtual reality application for use in healthcare, education and more.

If you have an idea – we can make into a virtual reality.


3D Scans

In 2015 we were the first in Denmark, and one of the first in Europe, to import a specially designed 3D/VR Camera. It is capable of scanning any surrounding and depict in in an interactive 3D world, which is accessible via both web and in VR. We use this camera to scan, among other things, hotels, theatres and private homes all over the country. Our many years of experience in the field enables us to take even the most complicated buildings and turn them into online masterpieces. Notable mentions include Copenhagen City Hall, The New Theatre and Tivoli Hotel.

We recently started using this technology to make content, designed to prepare vulnerable citizens for meetings, etc. in municipal/government buildings.

Take a Walk VR platform

We have build our very own VR platform containing over 200 unique VR experiences. Our platform enables users to experience VR together, in a controlled environment. You can: control numerous VR headsets simultaneously using a tablet, interact directly in the video using text, images, speech, and more.

Our solution has many unique features, such as:

  • Connect numerus headsets and let the users experience the same, together
  • You can see and control what the users see in the VR headsets
  • Sessions can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world
  • You can control the users gaze and highlight objects
  • Access over 200 individual experiences in the cloud
  • You can get personalized experiences made just for you
  • Upload your own 360° directly to our cloud, and access from any of your headsets
Eksempler på indhold

As part of our platform, it is possible to purchase access to a whole range of VR application. Each one developed to serve a unique purpose. Ranging from cognitive rehabilitation, cardio bicycle training to social VR.


For the last year, we have also been working quite a lot with VR as a tool in exposure therapy. E.g. working with anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse.


We also do larger-scale projects with both private- and public entities all over Denmark and in Scandinavia. A selection of our previous partners can be found further down this page. I you have an idea for a project – let us know. We do everything in AR and VR.

Meet Knud Erik...

What do people say about us?

"I have experiences my sister, who has Alzheimers, being able to articulate a full sentence, for the the first time in a long while. After she had on the glasses, and saw Copenhagen City. She has lived and worked there, for many years.."
Gudrun Rudfeld Møller
Patient Relative
"Kolding Municipality has used the VR platform in our social services since the fall of 2018 and we have already experienced a positive effect for the mentally handicapped citizens who have used it. At the same time, the platform is easy to use for the employees. It is not a complicated piece of tech. All the citizen need is a bit of help to put on the VR headset. After that, the employee can start the video, and the citizen is transported into another universe, which can both calm and stimulate, according to the needs of the individual citizen. We will continue to use the VR-platform, and keep building on the good experiences in 2019."
Jakob Fugl Bakke
Development Consultant - Kolding Municipality
"Today we were visited by Takeawalk, for a VR workshop. Inspiring, entertaining and willing to talk. We are filled with ideas and motivation to move on in our work with VR. Thanks to Takeawalk."
Jeanet Østergaard Jensen
Head of department, Brain Center South- Aabenraa Municipality

With a focus on our elderly citizens, Takeawalk has developed products for a group of people, who are sometimes forgotten by the society at large, when it comes to developing new technology. Through our work with the elderly citizens, we have met exiting people who inspired us to continue making VR-concepts for the weakest in our society

Jesper Roy
CEO – TakeAWalkVR

Some of our partners


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About us

TakeAWalk VR finds solutions through our products like no one else. We have a unique knowledge of the opportunities in the visual arts. We do 3D, VR, AR, imagery, video, web-design, drone footage and much more.

Our mission

Making the newest technology easily available and improving peoples lives, through that technology.